Driving tips

You can improve your fuel economy by following a few common-sense driving tips:

  • Avoid high speeds. Driving at 55 mph rather than 65 mph will improve your gas mileage by about 15%.
  • Avoid ‘jackrabbit’ starts. When getting up to speed, accelerate gradually.
  • Use overdrive. If your manual or automatic transmission is equipped with overdrive, use it at highway speeds.
  • Minimize weight. Don’t drive around with unnecessary items: extra weight decreases gas mileage.
  • Minimize drag. Don’t put items on your roof rack if you can fit them in your car or trunk.
  • Use air conditioning only when necessary. Your vehicle’s air conditioner consumes fuel. On moderate days, roll down the windows or open the air vents.
  • Keep tires properly inflated.
  • Keep wheels aligned. Periodic wheel alignments will improve your fuel economy.
  • Get regular tune-ups and maintenance checks. An out-of-tune engine will reduce your fuel economy, as will dragging brakes or low transmission fluid.